Binders and Emulsions

Conventional Bitumen Binders and Emulsions

Binders and Emulsions - Conventional Bitumen Binders and Emulsions

EP supplies Paving Grade Binders and Cationic Emulsions produced in one of Europe’s largest refineries.

All products are designed to comply with both European and American standards.

Hot Mix Asphalt production

Warm Mix Asphalt production

Emulsion Bond and Tack Coats

Cold Mixes

CE marked and batch numbered for full traceability within a quality system

Guaranteed quality

A complete range of Penetration Grade Binders

A complete range of Cationic Emulsions

At EP we provide the full range of Conventional Binders and Emulsions through our unique packaging systems, allowing contractors the freedom to use their binder or emulsion of choice, anywhere, and in any quantity.


Paving Grade Bitumen to EN 12591
Performance Graded Bitumen to AASHTO M320
Penetration Graded Bitumen to ASTM D946

Cationic Emulsions to EN13808
Cationic Emulsified Asphalt to AASHTO M208
Cationic Emulsified Asphalt to ASTM D2397

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