Polymer Modified Binders for High Performance Asphalt

PMB - Polymer Modified Binders for High Performance Asphalt

The need to develop high performance asphalt has led to the development of high performance binders which can perform in extremes of temperature and offer excellent resistance to deformation and fatigue.

EP offers a complete range of Extra Performance Polymer Modified Binders conforming to EN 14023 and AASHTO M320 and M332

Ports and Industrial Zones

Major Highways


Extreme Temperatures

Excellent resistance to rutting and permanent deformation

Improved resistance to fatigue cracking, ravelling and stripping

Flexibility and elastic recovery

Improved performance in extreme climatic conditions

EP provides the full range of Extra Performance Binders through our unique BitBox® packaging system, allowing pavement designers the freedom to use their binder of choice, anywhere, and in any quantity.


EN 14023
AASHTO M320 and M332

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