HM15/25 and PG82-10

High Modulus Binders

HM15/25 and PG82-10 - High Modulus Binders

High modulus binders are used to produce EME2 asphalt mixes.

High modulus asphalt (EME) was developed in France over 30 years ago, and more recently has been introduced into other locations such as the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia. It is primarily intended to reduce the thickness of full depth asphalt pavements whilst still providing sound pavement performance through a combination of high stiffness modulus, and superior resistance to deformation, fatigue and moisture.

EME is now used extensively on main routes, airports and urban roads internationally. International experience indicates that significant pavement thickness reductions can be achieved using EME2.

Airport Runways (Class 6 aircraft such as the A380)

Ports and Industrial Zones

Major Highways

Highly resistant to rutting and permanent deformation

Low water sensitivity (Duriez)

Good fatigue resistance

Opportunity to design thinner pavement layers

EP provides the full range of Extra Performance Binders through our unique BitBox® packaging system, allowing pavement designers the freedom to use their binder of choice, anywhere and in any quantity.


EN 13924


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