Packaging, Handling
and Heating

For all grades of Bitumen & Extra
Performance Bitumen

Bitumen Packaging

The BitBox® system for all grades of Bitumen and Extra Performance Bitumen

Bitumen in a polypropylene bag, inside a specially designed box with integral pallet

20 BitBox® in each shipping container

Container unloading using a forklift truck in 20 minutes

Boxes can be double stacked on level, solid ground

Boxes are screwed along one side, to enable bag removal without damaging the box

Boxes can be reused in country

Bitumen Heating

Heating units are available to melt 3 to 5 tonnes of Bitumen per hour

Heating unit can be connected to asphalt plant thermal oil systems or operated independently using thermostatically controlled diesel burners or electric coil heating

Heating of Bitumen through a specially designed, temperature controlled unit

We provide specialist knowledge on the Melting Operation

Emulsions Handling

Flexitanks contain 24000 litres of Emulsion products

Unloaded by pump, directly to storage tanks or spray trucks

IBC’s contain 1000 litres of Emulsion products

20 IBC’s per shipping container

IBC’s can be reused in country following thorough cleaning