Polymer Modified Bitumen Emulsion for use in Surface Dressing applications

EP69 - Polymer Modified Bitumen Emulsion for use in Surface Dressing applications

Surface dressing is primarily used to maintain existing asphalt roads. In Europe for example, over 500 million mof road surfacing is maintained annually, using this method.

The surface dressing industry has evolved and become more technically sophisticated. Originally the liquid bitumen waterproofing layer consisted of hot bitumen mixed with a petroleum solvent (bitumen cutback) but these products were both dangerous in use and had to be renewed every 5 years or less. The use of cutbacks is now prohibited in many countries.

EP69 represents the latest technology developments in Polymer Modified Emulsions.

Maintenance of all categories of roads up to 3000 heavy vehicles per day

Restore skid resistance and prevent potholes

Cost saving alternative to surface replacement

To surface and protect properly designed and constructed secondary road bases

Extend road service life by up to 15 years

Controlled setting times minimising road closure times

Excellent adhesion to damp aggregates, so the waterproof layer is protected for longer. Over 98% adhesion in Vialit plate testing

High, long term cohesive strength for better adhesion to base and aggregates

EP provides the full range of Extra Performance Emulsions through our unique packaging systems, allowing contractors the freedom to use their emulsion of choice, anywhere, and in any quantity.

Polymer Modified Emulsions to EN 13808

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