EP60 and C60

Bitumen Emulsion Bond Coats

EP60 and C60 - Bitumen Emulsion Bond Coats

Pavements are stressed/distorted each time a heavy vehicle passes over the structure. It is essential that pavement layers are bonded together, so that a solid, monolithic structure is formed, resulting in improved pavement life. Bonded structures show 3.8 times the lifespan of un-bonded structures.

Conventional bond coats based on bitumen cutback or emulsion generally have extended drying times of between 24 and 48 hours and must be protected from site traffic if pick up of the bond coat onto wheels is to be avoided. This slows down paving operations and restricts construction traffic.

EP have developed fast setting Bitumen Emulsion Bond Coats to improve the efficiency of asphalt operations, whilst at the same time offering high strength, thermo-adhesive bonding of asphalt layers.

Bonding of conventional asphalt layers

Extra Performance bonding of Polymer Modified and thin surfacing layers

Extra Performance bonding of highly stressed pavement layers

EP bond coats produce high strength adhesive layers

EP bond coats, based on hard grade bitumen, can be trafficked usually within 1 hour, with no pick up of the bond coat

Controlled setting times

Safe in use

EP provides the full range of Extra Performance Emulsions through our unique packaging systems, allowing contractors the freedom to use their emulsion of choice, anywhere and in any quantity.

Polymer Modifed Emulsions to EN 13808
Cationic Emulsified Asphalt to AASHTO M208
Cationic Emulsified Asphalt to ASTM D2397

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